Interface of Card
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At its most basic, a Card is a slightly styled container that organizes groups of content, usually linking to a more in-depth view of that content. It can have elevation and a border. A default Card makes no assumptions about the content you place inside of it or the size of your card, but you should follow the guidelines to be sure you use them effectively.

Hello World!


Interface of CardContent
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Using the CardContent component quickly gives your content consistent spacing inside your Card. You can then use other components to layout your Card.

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Interface of CardMedia
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A common pattern for Cards is to display an image that reinforces what the content is about.

The CardMedia component accepts and image property that will render the image as a background image and the optional title property used to give the image an accessible title if needed.

A wild Bill appears

A group of media Cards

A few common patterns for Cards are displaying them in groups and using images to reinforce the content of the card.


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