Interface of Accordion
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<Accordion> hides and shows content on click like a collapsible section.

The <Accordion> component in particular acts as a wrapper and context provider for its companion components, <AccordionDisclosure> and <AccordionContent>.

Use the id prop to set the ID of the parent Accordion div. In addition, IDs will be auto-generated for any child AccordionDisclosure and AccordionContent elements based on Accordion's ID.

Use the onClose and onOpen props if you would like to trigger callbacks on <Accordion> open or close.

If you want your <Accordion> open by default, use the defaultOpen prop.

Note: defaultOpen should only be used when using an uncontrolled <Accordion>. For more details on controlled <Accordion>s, see the "Controlling an Accordion" section.



Interface of AccordionDisclosure
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Clicking on an <AccordionDisclosure> controls the appearance of its sibling <AccordionContent>.

The child of <AccordionDisclosure> is rendered as a label, and can be either be a string or a ReactNode.


Interface of AccordionDisclosure
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<AccordionContent> acts as the container for an <Accordion>'s content.

Styling an Accordion's indicator

You can customize an <Accordion> indicator icon's size, position, and icon type via props.

Use the indicatorPosition prop to set the indicator's position on either the left or right side of the <AccordionDisclosure>.

Use the indicatorSize prop to set the size of your indicator.

Use the indicatorIcons prop to customize which icons represent an open or closed <Accordion>.

By default, the CaretDown and CaretUp <Icon>s are used.

Controlling an Accordion

By default, the <Accordion> is an uncontrolled component and maintains its own opened/closed state.

However, you can use the isOpen and toggleOpen props to explicitly control the state of your <Accordion>.

When the isOpen prop receives true, your <Accordion> will reveal its content. When false, your content will be hidden.

The toggleOpen prop should receive a function that has one parameter: a boolean. When the <AccordionDisclosure> is clicked, the toggleOpen callback will be triggered and passed the opposite boolean of the current isOpen prop value.